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President's Message
Bernadette Mathews

I am not one for keeping records or keeping count of things and then December arrives and I struggle to remember what I had accomplished all year. So, for 2021 I decided to use a physical calendar (something I have not owned or used in years) to keep track of all of the various types of stitching I am doing this year. On January 1, I entered all the projects I was actively working on, not the abandoned WIPs I may never get back to. Each new project will be recorded as a start and each completed one a finish. I do not know if it is the mere act of writing it down or if January is just the time of year when you start new things, but, as I write this, there is a week and a half left to the month. I have started four new things and finished nothing. In any case, at the end of the year I will have one way to measure how good life has been because I have had time to stitch.

The other thing I am keeping track of are the number of days when I do not stitch at all. Hopefully these are the days that are so full of activity and fun that I just did not have the time. But some days will be because I am too tired, too frazzled, too anxious, or too distracted to focus. Recording these days will help me keep perspective as the year unfolds..

I was inspired to do this by a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson I found in the calendar: "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year". For me, every day that I have time to stitch is a "best day of the year".

I hope all your days are "best" in 2021. The IRC is doing everything we can to help. If there is anything else we could or should be doing, do not hesitate to call ((240) 463-0710)..

Keep stitching, stay healthy, and stay safe!


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Library Displays
 Submitted by Christine Kampmeyer

Library Exhibits for 2021, include Feb 2021: Fee Ave Library AND Patrick Air Force Base Library. March 2021: Suntree Library. June 2021: Port Malabar Library. October 2021: Port Malabar Library. Currently there is a display at the Port Malabar Library. If you have a suggestion of a future location of a library exhibit, please contact Christine.

Plan ahead for the displays in 2021 and give Christine a call. Thank you for all who submitted items to Christine to display. Exhibits generate interest in the embroidery arts!

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Hospitality Notes
From Hannah Webb

The IRC EGA Chapter does not normally provide refreshments at meetings. You may bring your own beverage or snacks if you like.


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