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Did you know that the IRC Library contains over 350 books on a large variety of stitching subjects? This doesn’t include pamphlets, foreign language publications and magazines. Have you browsed lately?

Whether you are looking to try a new-to-you form of embroidery, say crewel or canvas, or your knowledge of a particular artistic form needs refreshing, the IRC Library has something for you! Right now crewel is making a resurgence so you'll be glad we saved the old books on that genre of stitching.

Our library is open before and during every general meeting. We have a wonderful selection of materials just waiting for you to explore. Come take a look and learn something new!

Recently one of our members asked me how library materials may be borrowed. For anyone new to our chapter or unfamiliar with our library check-out procedure, it's very simple.

There are two ways to search for an item. Materials are grouped by category with a list (“Where to Find it”) posted on the inside of the left cabinet door. The list includes major groupings (Canvas Work, Surface Embroidery, etc.) and subgroups. Most materials, such as books and DVDs, have a white sticker on the spine with the item’s library number. Magazines are organized by issue date and number.

If you’re searching for a particular item, you can use the collection list, which is available in title and author format in a blue clear front folder. You can find the folder either on a shelf on the right side of the library cabinet or with me during our meetings. The list may also be accessed on-line through our chapter website under the “Chapter Library” page. Simply click on the links for title or author.

What to do if you’ve found something you’d like to borrow? Books, DVDs and most magazines have a pocket on the inside front cover with a library check-out card. Write your name and full date (including year) on the card and either place it in the front of the small green box to the right side of the library or give it to me.
There are some materials such as Christmas charts and a collection of state-map charts that do not have individual check-out cards. For these items there is a clipboard with a check-out sheet.
Library materials may be borrowed for one month until the next general meeting. Most materials may be extended; just check with me.

The IRC Library is located in the room next to our meeting area (facing the water). We have informative and interesting materials about a wide range of needlework and we frequently receive new donations. It's open before and during every general meeting. Come discover something new and learn about the needle arts!

Donna McFarland and JeanMarie Hearnshaw

Updated: 09/28/2017

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