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Next Upcoming Class Offering: Terri Bay - Whitework - March 15 thru 17, 2021. Terri will provide a lecture at the Indian River Chapter March meeting on 15 March (9:30 - noon). She will teach a two-day class starting March 16th. More information will follow at this location. Due to the Corona virus, Terri may not be able to travel.

Our own Jonalene Gutwein taught a Beginning Whitework class on Wednesday November 18, 2020 9am-4pm. A followup day November 19th was held for additional help with the techniques with no formal teaching. Class was held at the Highland Avenue Fellowship Church in Eau Gallie. We kept social distancing protocols in place. A dozen members brought their own drinks/lunch. Masks were worn.

There was a no cost class for members of Indian River Chapter, who picked up kit costs (thanks to Andrea Eufazio and Stephanie & Tinker Murphy for buying supplies, cutting and edging linen, and dividing up balls and balls of size 8 and 12 pearl cotton, Bernadette Mathews for generating copies of course materials, and Jonalene Gutwein who donated her precious time to create the design, stitch the sample, and create two sets of directions--the one for the basting required prior to class and the instruction set for the whitework.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for a successful class!

Next Extermal Class Offering: A Terri Bay Whitework Class in March 2021

Next External Class Description: More to Follow in the Future

Teacher Description with Website:

Teacher program for this Event with person costs.: More to Follow




Description of Piece with jpg pictures to be Taught: Open .

2019 thru 2020 Workshops Held

2017 thru 2018 Workshops Held


 DRINKS for all day—preferably in a cooler (SOME fridge space)

 CHAIR if you think you might get tired on the ones provided (no one needed one last year!)

LIGHTS, preferably battery-operated, but if not, make sure you have an extension cords



  Updated 11/29/20