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If you have any suggestions for classes, please let Jineen know. There are so many knowledgeable members in our chapter who are willing to share their expertise. For 2021, Sun Region is offering a $50 grant to each member for signing up for an EGA National program. TAKE ADVANTAGE of free money to learn something new! See our 2020 newsletters (Aug-Sept or Oct-Nov) for reimbursement information!
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    Sampler Sleuths This group meets the fourth Wednesday of the month (January-October) at Norma Tetrault"s house from 10 am until noon. The Sampler Sleuths are working on a number of different samplers. Each person chooses one from their stash this year to complete. Come and join us for a "stitching of the bands" (of the sampler). Since stitching makes you hungry, we often go out to lunch afterwards. We will be working on a Christmas Stitch-a-long as a group or any individual sampler you would like at Sampler Sleuths! During COVID you need to reserve s socially-distanced space by calling Jineen.


    Beads! This group meets the second Monday of each month from 10 am until noon at Toni Alper"s home. You can work on your own project or, if you're new to beading, get help from our experienced beaders. We are working on the current beading GCC Keeping in Shape at these meetings.

    Group Correspondence Course (GCC) Meetings at Fee Ave are on HOLD. We are doing GCCs as ZOOM meetings for 2021. There will be two GCCS for 2021,.

The first is BLACKWORK ROSES led by Stephanie Murphy. Members are meeting via ZOOM every Thursday night from 7pm - 8pm. Contact Stephanie for information. We are working together for turn-in in May 2021.

The 2nd GCC is DESERT STRANDS. Meetings for this are also via ZOOM led by Adrienne Meyer. Sessions are Wednesdays from 2pm - 4pm.starting March 24th with a planned turn-in date of 28 August 2021 .

The 2020 Beading GCC continues in 2021. Crewel "How Does Your Garden Grow" have been sent in for evaluation. Beading "It is Knot the Usual" continues at Toni's home. Turn-in date TBD.


    Inspirations This special interest group, for those working on projects from the Inspirations magazine, meets monthly. Check the calendar for dates and times and meeting location as it changes monthly.

    Facebook EGA Stitch-a-Long Group This EGA National special interest group is on Facebook! Each month a project is chosen to work together with intermediate posts encouraged and questions and answers posted. A Facebook account is required. Check it out and join the fun! EGA Facebook Stitch A Long


    Welcoming Stitchers Program THIS PROGRAM IS ON HOLD DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS. The Education Chair and other teachers have started a Welcoming Stitches Group to teach some of the basic embroidery stitches. These classes will meet at the Fee Ave Library on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 12 - 2. If no Group Correspondence Course is being taught, the session may meet from 10 - 2. Each stitch will be taught for two consecutive months. This mini course setup is for anyone wanting to learn some of the types of stitching without the commitment of a General Correspondence Course. The initial four stitching types are Cross Stitch: June&July, Surface Embroidery: August&September, Canvas: October& November, and Hardanger: February&March. Next summer in June&July we will offer Blackwork. Contact Christine Kampmeyer if you are interested in this program.


    On-line Courses. Check out the EGA website The Embroiderers Guild of America, Inc. (EGA) for details and additional on-line course offerings.

GCC Lightning Rounds. A number of rotating courses are offered quarterly to all EGA members. These group courses are at the special rate of $30 plus text fee. Check out the EGA website Lightning Round for details. EGA Lightning Rounds

Updated 3/7/2021