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President's Message
Bernadette Mathews

I recently returned from a tour of Ireland and Scotland, where the landscapes were softened by mist and the lush green of spring and the mountains were softened by years of erosion. It was beautiful and comforting to look at. It brought to mind the harshness of the Sahara Desert, all tans and dust. From there, my thoughts went to the majesty of the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains . And lastly I thought of where I have chosen to live, in the sultry climate of an ocean fringed land. Each is beautiful in its own way and each is distinctly different. I loved them all, but I chose one to live in..

The same is true of needlework. There are so many different kinds — cross stitch, Hardanger, black work, Brazilian embroidery, crewel, needlepoint, canvas work, and bead work, to name a few. Most of us pick one as a favorite and tend to stick with it. It is where we live. We are aware that others are there, and occasionally through a GCC or a magazine, we pay a brief visit to another stitching realm, where the language is different and the flow of the needle is not the same..

My travels make me want to explore more new places. I am beginning to feel the same way about needlework. After taking the Brazilian embroidery class taught by Jonalene Gutwein, I want to sample everything, visiting new stitches and trying new techniques. Perhaps I will visit for a brief period or take up residence in a stitching technique that fulfills my creative ambitions while challenging my brain and hands..

While I cannot take you with my on my travels around the globe, I do invite you to join the Chapter in an exploration of needlework. A new program, Welcoming Stitches, is being offered. Over this year and next, Jineen Kulczycky and her cohort of teachers will offer a brief class in a different needlework technique every two months. I encourage all of you to participate. Whether you are revisiting old terrain that somehow slipped from your life along the way, or adventuring into new territory, these classes are designed to teach the basic techniques and, through a small project, come away with a souvenir of your venture into that realm of stitching...

So, lets begin to travel through the realm of needlework and let us welcome the following new members to join with us: Melanie Hoover (returning member), Sherie Jenkins, Gabriela Cook-DiDomenico, and Nell Cook. Life is a journey; lets make our stitching life a journey, too...

Happy Stitching,


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Library Displays
 Submitted by Christine Kampmeyer

We currently have two library displays in progress: one at the Port Malabar Library and one at the Viera Library. Please stop by and take a look! They truly represent all our members. If you have a suggestion of a future location of a library exhibit, please contact Christine.

Plan ahead for the displays and give Christine a call. .


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Hospitality Notes
From Hannah Webb

The IRC EGA Chapter does not normally provide refreshments at meetings. You may bring your own beverage or snacks if you like.


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