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President's Message
Bernadette Mathews

Our members are amazing. We could not have the calendar of events we are planning without the spirit of the Chapter volunteerism. While chairing my first General Meeting, I looked around the room and noted that nearly everyone present had volunteered in some capacity during the past year. And yet, I was looking for more volunteers. By the time we left the meeting, Jean Simson had stepped up to coordinate our efforts to work with SAIL (Senior Adventures in Learning) to offer embroidery classes. While we are still looking for someone to take over coordinating our efforts with Habitat for Humanity, I am confident that someone will rise to the challenge. This outreach effort touches many hearts as we wish families happiness in their new homes for the years ahead. If you can help, please let Christine Kampmeyer know...

Anyone attending the January meeting knows that we owe special thanks to Ceci Taylor, Lynne White, Wendy Wright, Marty Wyatt, Suzanne Langfitt, and Stephanie Murphy for the success of our annual stash sale. Working before and during the meeting, at 10:30 they swung open the doors and our members began shopping. By 11:15 the silent auction was over, and, most amazingly, by 11:55 everything was boxed and loaded, meeting our commitment to the Community Center to be out of the room by noon. Thanks to their efforts, the stash sale has garnered $378 so far. The remaining items will make an appearance at the February meeting where they will be sold on a donation basis.

Our Chapter thrives because of the dedication of our members, but I wonder, for how long? To sustain our level of activity we need to attract new members. But here is the hitch. In preparing for my first Board Meeting I read through the IRC Bylaws and Policies and was astonished to learn that no one position or group has the responsibility of attracting new members. If no one is directly responsible, then we are all responsible. This year we will be making our presence known throughout Brevard County: participating in Stitch in Public events, displaying our craft at numerous libraries, holding a Needlework Fair, and offering embroidery classes through SAIL. If you are approached to participate, please do not think of it as oh, no! not again! but rather as oh good! This time next year there will be more hands to help! More hands, more hearts, more minds, more skills, and more new ideas. All will allow us to grow personally and as a Chapter, while fulfilling the EGA mission.

Happy Stitching,


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Library Displays
 Submitted by Christine Kampmeyer

In February we are having a display at the Fee Ave Library. Please drop off your Valentine's Day or heart-shaped item at Loose Threads the first day of February! If you have a suggestion of a future location of a library exhibit, please contact Christine.

Plan ahead for the displays and give Christine a call. .


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Hospitality Notes
From Hannah Webb

The IRC EGA Chapter does not normally provide refreshments at meetings. You may bring your own beverage or snacks if you like.


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