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The Chapter is offering a two day beading embroidery course taught by Marie Campbell. The class is Phoenix Rising and may be finished as a scissors case or amulet bag.

The design depicts the rising bird, symbol of reincarnation, seen against the sky and rays of sun or flames. This is a Beginner/Intermediate class and incorporates several beading techniques. Whether you have the basics of beading down pat, or, you want to learn beading for the first time, this class will keep you moving in the right direction. See the Workshop Narrative for more information. .

Marie has taught classes in beading for 20 years, mostly to Chapter, Regional and National seminars for the EGA, as a follow up to her former life as a professor of American culture. She has exhibited wearable bead art and bead sculptures throughout the country. You can find more information about Marie here: Marie Campbell PDF

Marie will provide a talk on beading at our meeting on February 18. The class will be held February 19 and 20 at a location to be determined. We have priced the class at $160.00 for 10 students. This price includes the cost of the kit. If more than 10 people participate the cost of the class will be reduced.



Marie Campbell Project photo Workshop Narrative:

Phoenix Rising Scissors Case/ Amulet The design depicts the reborn, rising bird, symbol of reincarnation, seen against the sky and rays of sun or flames, and incorporates several bead embroidery techniques. The stitcher may complete a peyote-stitched strap to transform the case into an amulet bag. The work is mounted on a faux leather case using a beaded edge, and it sports twisted bead cords as tail feathers. Case is 3 inch x 4 inch plus 2.5 inch faux tail feather twisted fringe, with optional 26 inch necklace.


 DRINKS for all day—preferably in a cooler (SOME fridge space)

 CHAIR if you think you might get tired on the ones provided (no one needed one last year!)

LIGHTS, preferably battery-operated, but if not, make sure you have an extension cords



  Updated 2/08/19